I combine three lives, – Professor, consultant and researcher – with three areas of action: Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy and Soft Power, Narrative and Intercultural Communication.

Narrative and cross-cultural communication

Today, everyone knows the practices and communication tools that are very useful and designed to capture our attention.

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Public Affairs

Public affairs refer to the animation of relationships with decision makers, companies, stakeholders and citizen movements, to change laws and ideas.

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Public diplomacy

Public diplomacy, Soft power or Digital diplomacy are elements devoted to informing foreign audiences thought multiple channels and tools

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In each, I focus on the coherence and effectiveness of the message. I work with NGOs, organizations, universities, and institutions.

Communicating means paying attention to the target audiences: the coherence of communication is assessed during reception, especially with social networks. The narrative becomes visible, and the digital data completes the perception.


Travel and anthropology led me to one of the fundamentals of communication: the encounter with the other.
Concretely, intercultural highlights the coherence of messages, and I deeply think that the public perceives better and better the coherence – or its absence – of information before adhering to a project or an idea. Beyond emotions, easy to mobilize, I collaborate with you on the clarity of a message free of confused or unwanted elements.


Les sondages comme outil de légitimation (du) politique : Polls as a means of political legitimation

Les Cahiers Protagoras n°10, 2023, Mesurer l’image et l’influence par les sondages : le cas de la Chine, pp. 75- 86.
Authors :

Nicolas Baygert, Loïc Nicolas, John Vandenhaute